Friday, November 12, 2004

Ersatz Jordans

Why the sudden influx of 'guerilla marketing' round these parts? Sprite has those pretend-defaced billboards (since history denied us suburban lemonade stands, maybe fake-grassroots is the best we can hope for), Yfm's trying out a new poster campaign that makes stark, capital-letter promises NOT TO RUIN YOUR SUMMER WITH AGGRESSIVE BRANDING, and now there's this leaflet littering campus grounds masquerading as a fake security warning (but really advertising some Playstation thing, what with the slyly embedded PS2 logo). Did "No Logo" just get its own "Dummiess" primer (as unecessary as that might seem ), or what?


Blogger nathaniel said...

Hey Guys. Just found your blog via a provocative comment on my own, from Jermaine, and it's cool to see some locals on the blogger scene! Any chance you'd consider turning on your XML feed, so we (collective) can get your blog syndicated to our desktops? You can do this somewhere in your settings, I think....

9:34 AM  

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