Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Vote: Get Out!

This is the post where I drop my cynical armour and risk some uncharacteristic optimism:

He's gonna lose.

P.S. Happy birthday (yesterday) to Kaiser, whose essay-fuelled rise to graduation is responsible for his Hectic haitus. The lack has not gone unfelt, even amongst our "less than five second" readership. I just hope he does a better job filling the void here than my sorry ass did, after a post-Thursday exam schedule consumes my spare time and the little bit that remains of my human soul. Help is on the way!


Blogger CW said...

Kerry is indeed perhaps the lesser of two evils. With that jaw he will have endless offers of razor endorsements. At the very least, he thankfully doesn't share his opponent's resemblance to a chimpanzee.
A good start I'm sure you'll agree.
Should Bush lose, he could of course become a tele-evangelist. After all, they have the same target market as his re-election campaign.

God bless (and preferably enlighten) [middle-]America

2:35 AM  
Blogger jermaine noble said...

Or I could be completely fucking wrong. The 2000 legal after-the-factness that plenty decried as the dubious republican manipulation of the will of the people (and evidence of the failings of the electoral vote system) is the only thing currently working in the democrats' favour. And it looks like it won't make any difference. The people have spoken.

To those who told me that there was no difference between the men and their administrations, I urge you to look forward to these proposed lowlights of the four more years (I know I've not done well with the predictions so far, but I've got a really good feeling about these:

* no progress made in israel/palestine conflict

* no honesty regarding realities of situation in iraq (the only possibly "positive" outcome of a failed iraqi state would be to blunt neocon plans for the "new american century", but in the face of increased anxieties everywhere, this feels largely moot).

* if possible, increased american insularity abroad, and republican insularity internally - their overwhelming victory in the senate making bipartisanship less necessary than ever

* right wing supreme court appointees, possibly reversing roe vs. wade

* new areas opened up for oil drilling

* permanent tax cuts for billionaires

* active antipathy towards gay rights

* more fear, more often

* continued lack of culpability

i sincerely hope i'm wrong. presidents do often come under greater scrutiny in their second terms, but i just don't see it mattering. the upcoming reports regarding possibly skewed WMD intelligence could very well contain no traces of "official" pressure.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Kaiser Gestalt said...

I think you're being a little optimistic.

According to CNN (or one of the networks) the majority of people voting for Bush took 'moral concerns' to be most important in choosing a candidate. This is very, very scary (if unsurprising).

America has affirmed four more years of fear. Four more years of righteous power, of retribution, of revenge. Of 'moral clarity' (the most insidious kind of bigotry) and unilateralism.

I don't want to repeat the hubristic pronouncements of the international liberal media (lord, I sound like Rupert Murdoch) but this is not good.

(These aren't supposed to be insights, just my immediate emotional response.)

Right, back to the essay factory. (You never saw me.)

6:03 PM  

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