Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tactless TV

We interrupt our train of thought to bring you two examples of astounding televisual insensitivity that have even my stone-cold relativist heart pumping with indignation:

That bit in the "all you ever wanted... and more!" M-net promo where they sandwich 9/11 footage between "Tomb Raider" and "The Matrix Reloaded", as if we were watching just another spectacular special effect (oh, but see how it tastefully coincides with the "true reality" lyrics in the theme song!). Quote me all the Baudrillard you want (and feel free to mention the '04 Republic convention), it still feels terribly wrong to see those images deployed in the context of blockbuster summer entertainment.

Perhaps more morally defensible, though no less brainsplittingly indelicate, did robots produce that 'jazz concert for peace' ad or what? It start off with some wellspoken lady enthusiastically informing us, over some sunny afrojazz backing, that "over twenty thousand people were murdered in our country last year!", as if the staggering number were something to go and have a gin fizz about. Everytime it airs, I get a little jolt of WTF.


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