Friday, December 10, 2004

Win Friends, Influence People

If a Coldplay album were a film, it would be Garden State.

Holiday project: compile official Hectic list of glaring mediocrity which people assume you are being wilfully perverse in not liking.

The Counting Crows are perhaps the paradigmatic example (harmlessly idiosyncratic(ish), with a certain cloying charm), The Life of Pi is a less obvious case.

Best contribution wins a subscription to Time magazine.


Blogger jermaine noble said...

The especially annoying thing abt GS was that the wes anderson-esque 'quirkiness' just wasn't in service of anything (besides a kind of half-hearted slapstick, i suppose): the dog scratching itself, the black adopted brother... i dunno, fuck, the whole half of the film that wasn't just zach braff moping. when it's done right, the oddities cohere into a universe with its own skewed logic (the royal tenenbaums fr'instance) or the jokes are just bigger, louder, funnier (malcolm in the middle, i guess)(which zach's own "scrubs" seems to be increasingly aping, with little to mild success).

(ps. i'm disappointed in you, meth.)

1:50 AM  
Blogger jermaine noble said...

i mean the dead hamster thing was their biggest/riskiest sight gag, but then they had to reconcile the absurdity of the situation with the tedious meaningfulness of it all, so you had the awkward (in the wrong way) graveyard scene, complete with portman tears.

1:59 AM  
Blogger jermaine noble said...

how old was natalie p meant to be in this anyway? 12? 5? whenever you saw her do something explicitly adult (swimming in a semi-bikini, drinking a cocktail), it was really uncomfortable and felt like you were watching kiddie porn (or so i imagine).

2:04 AM  
Blogger jermaine noble said...

don't get me wrong though, i'd still hit it.

(i should just promise not to write anything on this blog after 2am)

2:05 AM  
Blogger CW said...

The last four Live albums, the UN opposing the US, and on the local front the failure to provide Telkom with realistic competition...

2:52 PM  

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