Sunday, February 20, 2005

Coldplayer of the Year

There's a (probably lousy, going by the recent spate of Killers and Keanes) new brit indie band called Kaiser Chiefs. So, uh... huh? A little googling reveals:

Someone suggested the Kaiser Chiefs while we were looking for a band name. We had so many ideas ourselves, at least one of us had said no to every idea except Kaiser Chiefs.

Then we found out about the fact that they were a South African football team and Lucas Radebe used to play for them. He moved to Leeds United and is one of their most famous players and we're from Leeds so we put it all together and thought, 'Let's do it' and now we're here.

1) "Were"?
2) Lame.


Blogger Kaiser Gestalt said...

Lamer yet: the 'Six tenuous degrees of separation from Johannesburg's famed Kaizer Chiefs Football Club to Kaiser Chiefs the Leeds indie pop band' bit in the 'Dazed & Confused' South Africa special. (On which more some time. maybe.)

"'Lucas Radebe apparently said he would do anything for a band in Leeds called the Kaiser Chiefs,' said the drummer Nick Hodgson."

9:23 PM  
Blogger jermaine noble said...

what is this "dazed & confused" SA special of which you speak?

9:44 PM  
Blogger Kaiser Gestalt said...

UK fashion/trend mag with whom I am seriously pissed for not including my photo (really, they took one) in their SA issue. (July 2004)I mean, there's a whole page devoted to Waddy Jones ('Watkin Tudor Jones has been an essential part of the SA music scene for what must be close to a decade.')

On page 166 we have, incredibly, Yfm dudes recommending The Color Bar ('For those of us who appreciate the finer things in life but live on astrict entertainment budget...' er, the Bizarro Color Bar maybe?)

pg. 90: Zola standing in the road on a crate.

pg. 91: Zola sitting on his BMW.

pg. 95: Zola holding a baby.

10:21 PM  

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