Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Just because we don't have broadband access today doesn't mean we're gonna leave you empty handed. Well, we kinda are, but we'll at least point you in the direction of some things we hope you'll like. Go to The Rub and cop Mark Ronson's "Bombs Over Scotland" bootleg - probably my favourite mashup of the last 2 years. It sounds like a bad idea, sure, but riding a straightup guitar riff hasn't sounded this good since, well, "Stroke of Genius" (much like new-rawk hasn't sounded as catchy as "Take Me Out" since "Hard to Explain"?) and, minus 2 seconds of semi-ugly timestretching, the "Roses" switchup is seamless-as-fuck. In the last 5 seconds Ronson even squeezes in that other indie-disco surefire, the Kidz Bop cover of "Float On"! Oh, just for the record: once I've played this at a party I don't really want to hear "Take Me Out" ever again.

The 2step garridge sunshine and butterflies post is probably still on the way, but Duncan Powell makes it somewhat irrelevant with his downloadable March mix. The opening track in particular, "Something Wrong", is essential, and out-Edwards's anything I've heard from Todd's recent output (that is, if you still associate Edwards's name with immaculately layered vocal cutup joy and not rhythmic unchangeability).

(P.S. The first set of MP3s expired today - but before I put lines across their names I thought that, in this introductory 2 week Hectic changeover period, I'd let you request any or all of 'em to be re-upped. If this is the case, lemme know in comments.)


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