Friday, April 15, 2005

Grime after Time

I was gonna have a fluffy 2step weekend-christening post, but I didn't get a chance to bring the mp3s I hoped to post. And I'm still practically monosyllabic. Enough excuses, more garage-rap:

Kano - Boys Love Girls

It occurred to me that 1) some recent Kano converts might actually not have heard this and 2) it's still his best flow thus far. I liked it better when he had to tell us that had feelings, instead of showing 'em (ie. "Brown Eyes").

Durrty Goodz - Hold Me Down

After the undeniable (feel free to deny it in comments) hotness that is "Reload" (which was quite cleverly junglistic I thought, managing the trick of sounding like 150bpm when it wasn't anything near!) I'm really looking forward to hearing the beat Diplo's apparently done for Durrty Goodz, who can't really be made to sound bad over anything, but needs to be hooked up with some fake-dancehall ala "Diplo Riddim". Heres some stuff from when he was still Doogz, you need it. Plus "shenanigans" really needs to be reincarnated as rap slang. And look out for 1:52 to 2:00.

(fuck, I can't believe I wasted my one allotted grime pun on that shitty post title)


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