Friday, April 29, 2005

Here Come the Grimey Limeys

Flirta D (Ft. other people) - This is Grimey

You can generally tell that a genre's established when the comedy records start coming in, but in some ways grime had its pisstakes before it got screwface serious - no-one's very interested in claiming Pitman as an innovator (I'm not even interested enough to listen to anything he's done), but sideline The Streets in your garage rap history and I think it's harder to tell how Flirta D can spit straight gibberish and get props (call me on my underthinking here in comments).

Anyway this is still quite far from being parody, essentially because Flirta manages to flow crazy while keeping his tongue in his cheek - he's as technically impressive and utterly compulsive here as Slim Shady on those early effortless laugh-a-second tracks (think "As the World Turns")(don't think of the can't-be-bothered unfunniness of "My First Single"). For my money, Flirta D's having more fun with flow now than just about anyone in any rap game (who else? Devin the Dude?). As a marijuana anthem (sort of), Grimey's inevitably slower (please pretend you don't know about Sticky's "More Weed") than your average grime track, and it's got that typically clean, thick, uncluttered rap production treatment (plus cartoon chorus - Please rewind me!) that every jokey track gets. So maybe not very grimey at all, minus the flows, but whatever - if you figure out how I can live life without wanting to hear this every 4 minutes then keep it to yourself.

Statik - All Star Producers

Don't know your Davinche from your Skepta? Simply consult Statik's "All Star Producers", a who's who audio sampler of all the big names in garage rap production. Readers: if that Youngstar bit that sounds like the "Where's Your Head At" breakdown actually exists as a full-length instrumental (or, even better, has a vocal!), run (don't walk) to the comments box.


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