Monday, April 25, 2005

Skeptics Say the Flow's Too Hectic

Lethal B - Ugly Riddim (feat. Dream)

Tabla 'n Sitar's last 'urban music' stand ('sides Med's "Get Back" and... er.. Rich Boy's "Get Down"... hmmm what was my point again)? Forgetting orientalism for a moment, as a dance-music latecomer I'm in favour of more gated vocals and beat-stutter everywhere (NORE's "Nothin" still kicks, btw). This being a Lethal Bizzle production I could stand things a little less finessed and more y'know UGLY but oh well. Remembering the orientalism again, it lets lines like "got rap after rap goin' around my head/feels like I'm wearin' a turban" crossover from dodgy to pretty hot. (Sorry (?) for the pun-less post title, but I'm in the midst of compiling a list of rap etc. songs wherein the word 'hectic' appears.)


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