Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Three to the Floor

Okay, before we get the proceedings proceeding, an open letter to my (recently silent) partner Kaiser (and all like-minded individuals), who for the most part doesn't 'get' Jaques Lu Cont, and actively dislikes his "Mr. Brightside" remix: go read this, and adjust your opinions accordingly.

2004 was a house year to remember - micro went macro, electro went pop, and we got a couple of tracks that I've no reservations (grammar notwithstanding) about calling my two favouritest dance things ever: the fucking epic distorto-riff dreamhouse Superpitcher remix of the MFA's "The Difference it Makes", and Rex the Dog's microedited, synth-spangled reworking of The Knife's "Heartbeats".

2005's shaping up to be even better. Some recent faves:

Kiki - So Easy To Forget (Ada Remix)

The dependably gorgeous queen of sparkle-house (geddit?) once again delivers with this remix. "Forget" reminds me of what was probably the best track on Triple R's 2003 mix "Friends", Oxtongue's "Delight" - similar reverby, vocodered-vocal, similar ambient swells, similarly swoonsome. It's the details that do it: that one errant blip amongst the bleeps, that ornate little (semi-orientalist?) melody... well, okay, it's everything else that does it too: when the handclaps and keyboard wash come back in after the dropout, it's like woah.

Einmusick - Jittery Heritage (Short Mix)

"Jittery Heritage" is a great title, and boy oh boy, it is not wasted on this one: the shivery thrills come in the form of lightning-flash string(?) streaks, but otherwise there's nary a nervous waver - when that riff arrives, consider your dancing-ass owned. I don't how how or why the heck there's a "short" edit of this, and though I kind of have to appreciate all my house jollies being compressed into pop song length, I really want the tension-and-release build up to begin as this fades out. If you find the "Doesn't Fucking End" mix, please let me know.

The Mogs - Kelly Blame (Ph 606 Version)

The tag tells me this is from 2004, but whatever - it's part of *my* 05, and it should be part of yours. The french femme vocals don't disappoint, but the secret star of this intoxicating story is that filtered-as-fuck wah wah guitar - if I had no problems with the simile, I'd compare it to some unfortunate duck's last semi-submerged quack. Oh, and you might like the synths too, they're Rex-worthy.


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