Friday, May 20, 2005

Bruck Heimer

I'd thought I'd become numb to all those riddims trying to appropriate 'cinematic' action thrillz, so it was with with some surprise that I found myself 1) downloading a version of the "Killer Instinct" riddim (foolishly worrying about some vague correlation between riddim name and sound, shoulda learned by now huh?) and 2) enjoying "No Tampering" riddim. "Instinct", or rather, Mitch feat. Lexxus's "When We Roll", turns out to be just the opposite of intimidating widescreen thuggery (I guess the presence of crooner Mitch should've tipped me off but still) - it's some charmingly naff hotel elevator muzak. It's the kind of summery fluff that I'm probably more tolerant of in wintertime - like the ugly shag carpet you should've gotten rid of long ago but are happy to have warming your feet right now.

Bling Dawg's "Stop Dem Talking", on the other hand (and on "No Tampering"), is a lot closer to what I'd feared - menacing atmospherics complete with synth string swoops and OTT threats (if the drama get hectic, we pull more grenade), but is saved by that fingersnappingly catchy chorus.


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