Thursday, May 12, 2005

Come to Daddy Yankee

Tofu Hut's epic blogroll has us sorted under "hip-hop and reggae-ton" (though I'd like to think we're a little more eclHectic), which is rather prescient considering I've been wanting to post our first reggaeton entry for a while now:

Daddy Yankee - Machette

I promise I didn't reverse-engineer this from the post heading pun, (I'm already worried enough that what we've got here is just thinly-veiled "Timbaland sounds like Mouse on Mars!" lameness) , but Machette's hyperactive toms and vaguely melancholy pitched synths sounds something to me like a thrilling improvement on Aphex Twin's merely uncomfortably twitchy "Analord" acieeed death-spams. The sadness in my headphones might just be a testament to how lazily accustomed I've become to 'electronica' emotionalism (one-finger minor keys over drum beat, check) but if you're the type who forces poignancy onto vocal gunshot emulations (evidently I am), then this is your shit (otherwise you're probably better off with DJ Buddha's "Gasolina" remix).


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