Friday, May 06, 2005

Milk, Shake

Ghostface feat. Trife - Milk 'Em

I didn't expect the next in the Grindin heritage to come from Ghostface - after hearing about that planned MF Doom collab, I thought he'd committed himself to those full, rich soul beats that he always sounded best on anyway. Not that this is anywhere as lean or sharp as a Trackmasters joint, and it's still weird enough to bear the faint mark of the Wu - the interpolation of "You Are My Sunshine" is kinda inexplicable (and thank goodness Ghost didn't sing it himself) - but when Pretty Toney's lone club track (Tush) didn't get synths, this is at least a mild shock.

And since it's been a lean week, here's some post-Kanye chipmunk vocal booty bounce from Fannypack - one of my favourite singles of the year, and if you're too real to fuck with this, it's your loss.

Fannypack - You Gotta Know


Blogger jermaine noble said...

dept of rap production pedant corrections: for "trackmasters" read "trackboyz"

8:51 PM  

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