Friday, May 13, 2005

Signal Processing

D Double E - D Double Signal

Best speech impediment rapper... ever? Who else is even in the running? I mean AZ's slight slur is hardly his selling point, but that lisp is the crucial bit of noise in the D Double sig-uh-nal. D EE doesn't do much here lyrically but boast about originality, and since he doesn't have to try any harder for it to sound terrific, it makes the point rather clearly. If you insist on close-listening, it does turn out that there are "Newham" rhyme possibilites yet unexplored (through 'im/knew 'em/re-do 'em), but really if there's a lyrical conceit here I like it's the treatment of flow as miraculous, society-improving discovery, with all the surrounding comic book-backpage acme wonderwords - the new creation across the nation. Putting aside the lyricals, the track's built on all kind of churning, growling, industrial (like, as in the sounds heavy machines make and stuff) fx, with and the occasional thing going backwards and tick-tock hi-hats keeping time, but it's those hard, hard drums that lift it above a Def Jux-esque muddle.


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