Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bought It, Used It, Broke It, Fixed It.

Yeah, I know, you think you've got us pegged: all abuzz with finger-on-pulse exclusives, reckless copyright disdain and newfound blogland recognition for a couple of enthusiastic weeks, and then the inevitable, exhausted decline. Well, yeah. But life's been a little nuts in Nobleland lately (enough to preclude filesharing), and Kaiser can't be expected to deliver piercing cultural analysis every other day! So hold tight, and we'll get through this together.

But for now you hypothetical doubters can quieten down, here's a scorcher: dance maximalists Basement Jaxx meet dance lazyists Daft Punk, and Technologic gets harder, better, faster, stronger. Less open to the accusations of needless excess that some insisted weighed down Kish Kash, there's a single-mindedness (Kontrol?) to this that we perhaps haven't heard in a non-club-mix Jaxx track since "Yo-Yo". And they've still got trixx enough to make our ears prick up: a boxing bell barely saves a Nintendo busy being beaten within an inch of its life, and we get thrown a wake-up "Hey!" when we're in danger of being phasered out of our interest. Now bring on the VEE TAH LICK treatment, and I'll stop spreading the "Human After All" contract-breaking conspiracy theories.


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