Monday, June 27, 2005


Lord, sometimes I wish life could just, well, get screwed - right now I barely have the time to roll my eyes back in reverie when I listen to this, which is maybe my second favourite S&C track ever (the first is so goshdarn sublime I'm being all rockist about it and waiting til some landmark event occurs before I post it - like, say, my being alive by the end of the week). This floats by like a warm breeze on a grey day - those electric piano keyboard notes hanging in the air, near-weightless, are somehow more deeply placid than most officially sanctioned wordless gauzy ambient woosh. And I love 'day in the life' verses - "I woke up early" always brings to mind fond memories of "Life's a Bitch" (btw, Govt. Names, whose verse is that one?). I can't much afford to have lost the 24 minutes of my life that's elapsed since this starting playing (on its fifth repeat now), but I feel oddly refreshed.


Blogger jermaine noble said...

it cuts off early, but don't blame me, blame the very poorly mixed (though terrific) "something to lean to pt. 4"

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

post the first!!

one day i was listening to z-ro's 'help me please' and realized it was more crushing than i had given it credit for; so i went on a mission to find the s+c version and it totally kills. heavy-handedly probably but shit.


10:34 AM  
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