Monday, August 08, 2005


Somebody pointed (or yousendit'ed, to be honest) me in the direction of a compilation called "We Are Icerink", and it turns out that my favourite track from it playlists very neatly next to all the other detached futurist femme-fronted electro-pop I've been listening to (Broadcast and Ladytron, namely), with two, not unconnected, exceptions: it's from 1994, and it loves you.

I haven't wanted to do any background checks on "Icerink", in fear that I'll be proved historically incorrect, but here's how it sounds to me: in a 1994 filled with 2nd degree grunge and artfully oblique english-lit major dropouts, british indie kids with a populist spirit and/or excited enough about fun noises had a dance music culture to turn to for fun and innovation, though few made the jump with as few reservations as Oval(no, not THAT Oval)'s "Love Hour". If the phrase "Indie Dance" still inspires shrugs (I never could bring myself to care enough about "Screamadelica" to hear it), it's only cause it was weedy, flat, thin and stingy, unlike this, which is muddy, round, thick and fullhearted - it's that chorus piano that gives it away, so very big, so very House. The palpable exuberance is matched by the very un-indie lyrics: "this is what you want" is delivered with a sweetness and confidence that rings truer every time I listen. And in a 2005 still shaking off the remnants of electroclash frost, it proves there are yet lessons, and hugs, to impart.


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