Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ein Love

Okay, so it would have taken a lot to fuck up the original, but Einmusik interrupt Coburn's "We Interrupt This Program" in just the right ways: the microedited vocals, nano-engineered tension and release and MASSIF sawtooth chorus mean I'm kept more than satisfied until the next Rex the Dog record. (Discovered while 'researching' this post: plenty of mpfrees at Einmusik's site - if they're anywhere near as good as "Jittery Heritage", "Shaw" and this: oh boy.)


Blogger rob them co said...

u might wrongly disagree with me when i say comments from the ignorant r undesirable or at v least highly unsatisfactory so i will just say 1. im not super convinced that its a bad thing my grumbly ass has never had the sorta fun this tune denotes but it did make me wonder, thats definitely something eh, and 2. can we have more just glaze plz cos we dont have them biscuits there in england here bah

9:27 PM  

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